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2021-09-18 14:54:21.0

Beelta self design a wide range of tablet stands to serve more business types
Photo provided by Egulen Systems Sdn Bhd based in Malaysia 

If you are a person who loves observing this world, you might notice that iPad POS system is becoming a star for many small businesses today. Wherever you go, bars, hotels, barbershops, restaurants or stores, the simple and modern point of sales devices always catch your attention.They combined your favourite iPad with a metal strong enclosure, boom, say hi to the new world.

Photo provided by Beelta Inc.

Now high technologies bring a huge impact for restaurant businesses, top of all these influences is mobile/iPad POS. The restaurant operators boost their sales and reduce costs by using iPad POS, with IOS based POS systems as a way to extend the range and speed of service.
According to The Balance Small Business article, they list quite great 7 benefits of using iPad POS system. The advantages for your business are:

  • · Cost savings;

  • · A tool for better customer service;

  • · The ability to streamline the sales process by providing catalogue and inventory data to customers as well as payment services;

  • · It's a good defensive sales strategy;

  • · The ease of employee training;

  • · The environmentally friendly aspect of e-receipts.

Beelta Inc are looking into the market and finally decide to find our place in IOS based POS market, we self design a wide range of tablet stands, not only counter top desk iPad stand,but self-service kiosk floor stands, to serve more business types. We help thousands of clients to get their business start by providing iPad POS hardware solution. And without a doubt,we will continue to work hard and bring more products to you in the future.
Look what our happy clients say:
----“Good quality, fit and finish. Suitable for kiosk usage. Strong. I set this up for my 87 year old dad so that use the iPad with one hand, and not drop or break it.”
----“I needed stands for both iPads(6th gen) for a Bars Point Of Sale system.These stands fit perfectly and allow for the iPads to be situated where they are needed.The stands are sturdy and prevent the iPads from being taken out too easily.”
----“I ordered this item with the purpose of using it for pos stand & it works perfect. Keeps my ipad locked in the stand itself only way to get it out is unscrewing the bolts. which is ideal with the worries of theft. It turns around completely very smooth. Overall it is just what i needed. Good material &very heavy. I plan to purchase more when I begin expansion.”

Beelta self design a wide range of tablet stands to serve more business types

Photo provided again by Egulen Systems Sdn Bhd based in Malaysia

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