Runza Sandwich cash drawer case

2021-09-14 11:13:44.0

Runza Sandwich cash drawer case
Runza Sandwich, founded in 1949,Sarah Sally Everett and her brother, Alex Brening,opened the first Runza Drive-Inn in Lincoln, Nebraska. So far they have 84 locations in Midwest of America.
To keep it fresh, Runza choose not to go national.We admire how crazy they are about food, they take even onion very serious. They might cry out in front of your face if you present them pressed onion part and call it “onion ring”.
Beelta Inc was founded in 2016, local brand of POS hardware solutions,
providing cash drawertablet standdigital signage and other POS peripheral in high quality,affordable 
price and fast delivery for final user.
So how we met each other? Every love story must have a romantic beginning or just a embarrassing one (Spoiler alert! we are the later one)
On Feb 25th, 2018, it’s a cold winter, Runza bought 3units of our printer-driven cash drawers on Amazon, couple days later, they reach out again because our cash drawers are unable to use normally. We look into the problem,turns out this model is not compatible with their present operational requirements. We sent out 3 new ones for free right away for their rush needs. And our next quick move is recommending our King Kong B to Runza, with ball bearing sliding, heavy duty, because we know exactly what kind of cash drawers they need.
Because of our quick action and full of responsibility, Runza choose Beelta finally to be their cash drawer supplier. Also because King Kong series are in all metal strong construction, with high level ball bearing slide, perfect design for commercial environment. Guess what,3 days later, our King Kong B is in every one Runza store.
 Runza Sandwich cash drawer case
Wanna take a look at our King Kong B?
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